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ITMedia Testimonials

ITMedia Testimonials

for CMS Joomla

compatible with Joomla 4 and Joomla 3

CMS security monitoring

CMS security monitoring

We bring the CMS Security Monitoring service, thanks to which you save your time and no longer have to think about the security of your website. We regularly update all important components and parts of the website running on CMS for you.

Custom eshop

Eshop quickly and easily

We will create a professional e-shop for you quickly and according to your requirements and together we will start your business.

Responsive design

Responsive design

The look sells! Probably everyone will agree on that. That's why our designers will design an attractive and unique design for new websites and e-shops that will captivate, grab and not let a potential client.

The design of the CMS template that excites

Modern design of Joomla and Wordpress CMS templates, that will delight every visitor to your site .

CMS service and support anytime, anywhere

We are available to our customers and their websites built on Joomla and Wordpress CMS at all times when they need us.

Complete solutions for website and e-shop

We offer you complete solutions for your websites and e-shops, which we create on CMS Joomla and Wordpress.

Take control of the website or e-shop
even without programming knowledge with CMS Joomla and CMS WordPress !!


We create your digital world to make business easier and more fun for you!
We look forward to hearing your YOUR REQUIREMENTS . We have a rule that we listen to the customer and try to meet his needs. Of course, if necessary, we will be happy to draw the customer's attention to other and better solutions. In any case, the result is a satisfied customer and a concrete idea of what will be created. According to the agreed ideas and requirements, we will create a graphic design of the website, which will be jointly edited and corrected to the point of general satisfaction. After approving the graphic design, we will be happy to start working. You will be able to monitor the results of our work as we prepare the website on our servers. The result of the joint effort is a functional website, its deployment on your server, or leaving it on our servers / if you have hosting with us / and a connection.
We also offer our clients, as additional services, the administration of their websites, the training of their web administration administrators, the addition of additional functions and other services related to the operation of the website.
We also offer SECURITY MONITORING , which takes care of your site security and you can focus fully on your business. SECURITY MONITORING includes regular updates to the content management system and its components.



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