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ITMedia Testimonial

ITMedia Testimonials is a rating and review extension for Joomla. Add ratings and reviews from your customers to your website. Support the trust of future customers.



last update

30. sep 2021
Joomla 3 Joomla 4

JED reviews

2 different extension display themes

Theme - choose from 2 available themes.

  • default - basic theme
  • modern - modern theme 
Extension styles
ITMedia Testimonial jednoduché možnosti nastavenia

Easy setup options

The ITMedia Testimonial extension offers you rich, intuitive and easy setup options.

  • Slider settings - thanks to the simple slider settings, you are able to adapt the slider's behavior to your image.
  • Responsive settings - with easy response settings, our extension will always look good. No matter what device you browse your site on. 

Clear and fast addition of ratings

Our ITMedia Testimonials extension comes with fast, easy and clear addition of individual ratings.

The extension uses built-in Joomla functions, thanks to which the extension is very fast and optimized.
ITMedia Testimonial jednoduché možnosti pridania hodnotenia

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